Rowde Village Magazine

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Rowde Village Magazine was launched in December 1999 in its present format. Prior to that date, it began life as an A4 Newsletter sheet produced by the Rector of St Matthews at the time, the Rev Michael Henley. During the mid 1980s, the Rev John James turned the newsletter into a magazine in A5 format which included a few advertisers. It was published ten times a year and was delivered to parishioners by request at a cost of £1 per year.

Following a Village Appraisal in 1999, it was decided to re-launch the magazine in A4 format and by attracting more advertising, make it available to every house in Rowde free of charge. A grant of £150 was received from Community First to help with the set up costs, and during the first few years, donations were requested in order to balance the books. However, in recent years, this has no longer been necessary due to the amount of revenue generated by advertising and there are now over 600 houses in the village receiving the magazine 6 times a year.


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